Pretending to be happy when you're in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person.
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And then she told herself, “Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it.” and then she never felt anything again.

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I don’t like to talk about what hurts.

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Why am I so fucking sensitive when it comes to you


If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling.


all i want is for someone to play with my hair and rub my back and tell me everything is going to be okay

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i wish i had friends i could just call up at like 2am and be like “lets chill or go for a walk” and they would do it

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Idc what anyone thinks about me if you think I’m a shitty person or a bitch then oh fucking well I’m sick of being hurt so I’m not putting up with anyone’s bullshit anymore.

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I suppose it’s pointless to think of you at all.
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